Cryogenic Digital RTD Thermometer


The CryBaby is an inexpensive alternative for a high-precision low temperature cryogentic thermometer. Most high-end digital thermometers cost close to $1000. Lower cost, meaning just hundreds of dollars, digital thermometers are not accurate at cryogenic temperatures.

Crystal Clear Solutions developed a low-cost, highly accurate cryogenic digital thermometer. The device uses the highest quality precision components. The screen is a crystal clear background-lit LCD screen so you can read it in sunlight and in the dark. The readout, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius, is accurate to 0.1F. Competitor's units loose the tenth of a degree resolution when displaying 3 digits. Thermal drift is as low as 0.005F per degree Fahrenheit, giving you a stable reading at all room temperatures.

The three-lead platinum RTD probe allows you to get measurements between -400F and 250F. The shell is 304 stainless steel with an epoxy seal making it resistant to water and most organic solvents. The Teflon lead length is about 6 feet. Just to make sure you are getting a reliable piece of equipment we calibrate it against a bath of liquid nitrogen, which you can view on this video (coming soon). The unit runs off of 120VAC using a wall adapter. A touch button allows you to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius readings.

We calibrate the thermometer against liquid nitrogen and ice water to give you accurate low-temperature measurements. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Unit runs off of an AC/DC wall adapter. Button is for switching from Fahrenheit to Celcius

Unit accurately measures cryogenic temperatures, like liquid nitrogen, to a tenth of a degree F

The probe is 3-lead and water-proof. It is about 1.5M in length.

Comparison of the unit measuring boiling water against the Omega.

Unit measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit



Display: LCD 6-digit

Power: AC/DC wall adapter

Probe: Waterproof platinum RTD, stainless steel shell

Cable: 3-lead 1.5M length of cable, Teflon

Accuracy: Class A

Increments: 0.1F/C

Thermal Drift: 0.005F/F

Conversion: 16-bit ADC


Cryogenic digital thermometer, class A probe and AC/DC adapter: $124

Cryogenic digital thermometer, class A probe, adapter

Extra RTD100 Class A probe with connector: $18

RTD100 3-lead 1.5M length Class A probe with connector

Extra RTD100 Class B probe with connector: $14

RTD100 3-lead 1.5M length Class B probe with connector


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